Who We Are

Dreadpool Entertainment Group LLC is an online music community. Our products and services continue to grow as the needs of our community members dictate.  Not only are you able to network with others, but you will find hardware, software, e-learning, distribution, marketing, PR., and now management services!

What We Do

Now that you are familiar with our marketing and PR packages, our distribution services, and other key products, you need a team that will support your growth and assist you with navigating the business side of the music industry.  You’re great in what you do, now let us allow you to focus on creating content, preparing for shows, and engaging with your fans!

Do You Have the Right Team?

Do you find yourself spending more time on the administrative functions i.e. contract review and negotiations, royalty tracking & management, split sheets? DEG Management is adding more highly experienced artists managers to relieve these tasks so that you can stay focused.

Our Managers are passionate about music and are constantly expanding their network within the music industry.  Each of our managers has experience in managing royalties, split sheets, contracts, and music business negotiations.  DEG Managers understand todays marketing strategies and trends.  Our Managers are also well-versed in connecting artist & managers.