Quality vs. Quantity

DreadpooL Entertainment Group, LLC is the home of a network of great Music Producers and Sound Designers.  You’ll find high quality beats, sound packs, software, hardware, merchandise, and we’ll soon be hosting beat battles.

Quality over quantity is our mission.  This network will not be filled with material that we wouldn’t use in our own projects.

One-stop solution for Music Producers

Over the last few decades, home studios have become much easier and affordable to build.  Some of us use mobile devices to create music.  No matter the platform, you still need current and modern sound packs to stay ahead and in the competition.  As this is a new platform, we will continue to find the latest and hottest sound packs, VST’s, and sample packs for your productions.

Have you seen or heard of a product that you’d like to see listed?  Let us know and help us grow our catalog! 

A Clean Interface for Artists

Are you preparing to release new content?  You’ve written your lyrics and now you need a hot track.  DreadpooL Entertainment has you covered with beats from many genres.  

Can’t find a beat that speaks to you?  Contact one of our Music Producers to find out if they offer custom beats!

Have a home studio of your own?  Check out our latest gear to upgrade your recordings today!

Where Collaboration Happens

DreadpooL Entertainment’s platform was established with the intent of bridging the gap between those that create quality music and those seeking it.  Come and grow with us and be a part of something revolutionary!